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About our refurbished computers


All of our refurbished computers are ex-corporate machines which have been phased out in the business environment but are still suitable for home users. We data wipe the hard drive and replace any components that are faulty or broken. We ensure that the system is functioning as intended and reinstall the operating system with an upgraded one (if required).


All PC's we sell come with a standard six (6) month return to base (RTB) hardware warranty.


Maztech UK is a Micrsoft registered refurbisher. We supply the highest quality refurbished PC's at an affordable price.

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We also buy used HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Asus computers (laptops and desktops). Use the form below to request a quote for your PC.

Grade A

In very good condition/excellent condition with no or minimal cosmetic scratches. Comes with genuine manufacturer's charger

Grade B

In good condition, has moderate wear and tear to exterior but no major damage to components or structure of the computer. May come with either genuine manufacturer's charger or compatible part

Grade C

In poor cosmetic condition may contain structural damage and/or heavy cosmetic damage. Internal components are still in working condition. See description of laptop to see if charger is included.

Grade D

Not working or for parts only. May be missing internal/external components and have structural damage. Does not come with charger. Excluded from six month warranty

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How we grade our laptops

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