Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


From Monday 15th June 2020 we will be allowing booking of appointments at your home or workplace where remote support cannot resolve the issue.

However, we will only book home visit appointments when:

  • No household members are self-isolating

  • No household members have returned from the outside the United Kingdom within 14 days

  • No household members are shielding (vulnerable people)

  • The area is not under local lockdown restrictions (tier 2/1)

Our resolution steps will work in the following way from a phone call or email:

1.    We will invite you to a remote session (software fault, for hardware go to step 2)
2.    If the remote session does not resolve the issue(s) we will then arrange a visit to your home/business premises OR for households that are isolating or shielding, we can offer our contactless pickup and delivery (see below) 

As a temporary measure we will only be accepting debit/credit card (inc. American Express (AMEX)) or Bank Transfer. We will NOT be accepting cash or cheques until further notice.

Contactless Pickup and Delivery 



1.    Call us on 03330116649 or email us at
2.    We will arrange a date and time with you for pick up
3.    We will then ring on the doorbell or knock at the time arranged
4.    We will then stand at least 2m back from your door
5.    You can leave the device on your doorstep and we will collect once you have closed your door
6.    We will then take your device to our workshop for repair


1.    Once we have completed the repair, we will contact you
2.    We will take payment on the phone. You can pay with a credit or debit card or bank transfer (for safety and hygiene reasons we will not be accepting cash or cheques until further notice)
3.    We will sanitize your computer before we return it to you
4.    We will arrange a date and time with you for delivery back to your address
5.    We will then ring on the doorbell or knock at the time arranged
6.    We will leave the device on your doorstep and then stand at least 2m back and wait until you have collected your device
7.    Repair is complete

Steps we have in place for safety and hygiene whilst we have your equipment in our workshop:

  1. When working on your device we will use our keyboard and mouse (where possible) and wash our hands as per government guidelines before work commences. 

  2. Once work has been completed we will thoroughly disinfect the device using anti-bacterial cleaner

  3. We will place the device in a new sealed plastic bag to ensure the device won't be handled after disinfecting.

  4. After completing one device we clean down our work area with anti-bacterial spray and clean hands as per government guidelines.

  5. Where possible, we can provide anti-bacterial wipes in sealed packets if our customers wish to clean their own device on return.

Local Lockdown Areas

The government announced that areas across England may be come subject to local restrictions under the new 3 tier system.
Please check your areas risk level using your postcode at

From 15/10/2020 we will operate the following for both home and business customers:

Medium Area (Tier 3) – Normal service continues
High Area (Tier 2) – Remote support and contactless collection only 
Very High Area (Tier 1) - Remote support only

We continue to monitor government guidance and will alter our policy accordingly


Any questions you have may have please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We are currently not accepting any drop offs of any equipment to our office until further notice. Please use our contactless service above.

Any one to one lessons that we run are suspended until further notice.

We will continue to update our coronavirus (COVID-19) policy on our facebook and website at

Thanks for your business

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