Paying sky high prices for broadband? We can help!

Maztech UK offer a broadband comparison and setup service for changing your ISP (Internet Service Provider). You can save up to £50 per month on your broadband bill*

How it works:

  1. We assess your current broadband package to work out what you are meant to be receiving and how much it costing you.

  2. We then compare other deals that are available for your property and suggest the best deal suited to your requirements.

  3. After we have found a new supplier we will then fill out the forms and the new ISP will transfer the services to them. They will send out new equipment such as a new router.

  4. After you receive the new equipment we can then install and configure it including setting up your devices with the new wireless.

  5. You can then sit back and enjoy your new broadband!

Please contact us on 03330116649 or email to book a no obligation visit to your premises to discuss your ISP options


*Subject to location and other factors such as broadband usage and bandwidth requirements

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